Frequently Asked Questions

What code do I have to type?

The numbers are "4 8 15 16 23 42", including spaces, excluding quotes.

How can i set the timer in my own server?

Go to your server and type: =timer channel #channel (make sure to tag the channel and the bot has admin)

Where and when can I type the numbers?

You can type the numbers in any channel the bot can see, You can only enter the numbers in the last four minutes of the timer, when the alarm sounds.

How many reset points do I need for the next level?

Please login so we can calculate your current Access Level.

What are Access Levels?

Access Levels are granted as you Push The Button (PTB). The more you push the button, the higher level you will be granted, up to Level 100. When leveling up, sometimes you could get a higher role! (you start with the teacher). You get a reset point every time you are the first to Push the button

I'm bored.. what can i do?

There are other fun commands like =meme for a random LOST meme, =quotes which will send a random LOST character quote, or =quotes would send a random quote from the character's quotes. for a list of all commands do: =help

Have you never watched LOST?!?! If you want to see a system failure, simply disconnect your internet connection when the timer reaches the 4 minute mark... but please don't blame us if your computer implodes.

Any other tips?

Try and put an IRL timer that starts when the dharma timer is at 5 minutes, so you can quickly push the button.
You can check your score with =score. Play nice in chat, and have fun. Namaste and Good Luck!

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